Granite Countertops

Take advantage of additional price savings with these Beautiful 3CM thick Granite Countertops. These are based on the actual square foot needed for your project so that you do not pay for extra material not used for your space.

Group 0

Majestic White

3CM Group 0 Granite Majestic White

New Caledonia

3CM Group 0 Granite New Caledonia


3CM Group 0 Granite Ubatuba

Group 1

Ashen White

3CM Group 1 Granite Ashen White

Dalla White

3CM Group 1 Granite Dallas White

Giallo Ornamental

3CM Group 1 Granite Dallas White

Santa Cecilia

3CM Group 1 Granite Santa Cecilia

Group 2

Blue Fantasy

3CM Group 2 Granite Blue Fantasy

Rocky Mountain

3CM Group 2 Granite Rocky Mountain

Azul Platino

3CM Group 2 Granite Azul Platino

Brazilian Black Leathered

3CM Group 2 Granite Brazilian Black Leathered

Tiki Hut

3CM Group 2 Granite Tiki Hut

Group 3

Fantasy Brown Marble

3CM Group 3 Granite Fantasy Brown Marble

White Bahia

3CM Group 3 Granite White Bahia

River White

3CM Group 3 Granite River White

Supreme White

3CM Group 3 Granite 'Supreme White' Mont Blanc Marble


3CM Group 3 Granite Bonno

Group 4

Deep Blue

3CM Group 4 Deep Blue

Crema Typhoon

3CM Group 4 Crema Typhoon

Typhoon Bordeaux

3CM Group 4 Typhoon Bordeaux

White Paradise

3CM Group 4 White Paradise